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A new age is dawning.

There are many levels of membership for various levels of supporting our efforts.

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Show your support for pro-cannabis legislation and have something to show for it - while spreading the word about Kansas NORML. 


We will help you keep up with the latest legislation, but it's up to you to be heard.


Smoke the Vote and take part in Kansas NORML advocacy campaigns.


Our Mission

To educate our communities and elected officials on the facts about hemp, cannabis, and marijuana and overcome marijuana’s history of misinformation to aid in shifting public opinion.

To motivate and empower the voting population to take action in the effort to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults.

To advocate for the safe consumption and acquisition of cannabis that meets standards of quality, safety, accessibility, and affordability for medical and recreational users alike.

To utilize our resources to facilitate the passing of commonsense marijuana laws that repeal prohibition, stimulate our economy, and repair the damage done by unjust marijuana laws.

Kansas NORML is a statewide, non-profit organization powered by the continued generosity of its activists, sponsors, and donors.


Support from people like you makes what we do possible.


Here are just some of the ways you help to fuel the marijuana movement in Kansas.

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Kansas NORML Ethics Statement

Kansas NORML supports the free expression of political views and opinions. Kansas NORML
stands with all people who support fair and equitable treatment under the law.


Justice must not only be for the wealthy or well connected. Neither race, religion, nor ethnicity can ever be a reason for the exercise of governmental power. Such actions have no place in a free society.

Kansas NORML will remain with all those who use their voices to ensure freedom and equality.