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Day 2 Hearing Recap for Kansas Medical Marijana Bill HB560.

Today we heard from a few more proponents, neutrals, and our first of the opponents who will continue to be heard tomorrow. A lot was said today as everyone rushed to get several valid points into their testimonies in such a short allotted speaking time.

We heard from John Hennessey, a lifelong citizen of Kansas, and owner of a cannabis business out of California for the past decade. He noted the lack of Delivery licenses for home delivery firms, services for those unable to travel to the dispensary. He raised his concerns about areas of the process that have caused bottlenecks and issues in other states, namely Oklahoma. One of the issues was regarding the issuance of the license itself. He suggested it be issued "like your Dillons card" which seemed as though he was suggesting the cards would be bulk printed, then recorded as issued for temporary use until a permanent photo ID card is delivered. Mr. Hennessey was also concerned that codes in OK were not uniform for all cities/counties, which caused businesses to move locations in search of lesser fees, which put undue stress on smaller municipalities. We also heard his concern for cultivation fees only allowing "the elite" to start cultivation businesses and even knew who of the individuals these prices were targeted to favor, eluding to some ulterior strategy in the policy-making specifically for these individuals. He also showed disappointment with the omission of smoking cannabis stating that as a patient consensus edibles are "unpredictable".

We then heard from Jaunita Romos, from Austin, TX. She moved to Kansas 4 years ago when she fell in love with the state on a trip. She has spoken in favor of medical cannabis in 12 different states due to her personal experience. Her primary concern was due to a conversation with an unnamed senator 2 years ago who stated "we need pills and other forms of administration." This conversation prompted her to find a pharmaceutical company with the resources and willingness to aid in this technology in Kansas.

She also sees an enormous opportunity to add studies that focus on the science of dosages for various ailments with a volunteer opt-in from MMJ Patients in the state. She believes that not only will this be a very impactful study to the scientific and medical community, but it will also make way for "craft growers" that breed and create strains specifically for certain illnesses as she praised our educational facilities for their ability to perform these long-awaited, much-needed studies.

Her personal story was nothing short of miraculous. While she did not state the cause, she did state that she was completely paralized. Her only movement was blinking, that was all she could do. Her husband vowed that he would not rest until he helped her walk again. As natives, he had access to cannabis on their reservation. She detailed that he made her a "plant juice" and within 2 weeks she could sit up.

Looking at her standing, walking, moving uninhibited without any aid - you would have never known she was at one time completely unable to move. I suspect the "plant juice" she's referring to is Full Extract Cannabis Oil or FECO, sometimes referred to as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) for the man who made the recipe free to the public after having success with using it to cure his cancer. FECO/RSO is very widely used today, there are thousands upon thousands of personal success stories for various ailments using FECO/RSO.

Next up was a spry elderly man named Jim Rickus. Jim stated that he spoke 2 years ago, and was here again. "Today is St. Patricks Day, and I'm here for the green." In 1975 Mr. Ricketts was paralyzed due to a car accident. All of his doctors kept feeding him various pills - that were not helping his pain and degrading his quality of life. He was in so much pain that in 1977 he very seriously considered suicide. Until one doctor listened. Until one doctor recommended medical cannabis.

While he admits that nothing takes away his pain - not even cannabis, he did say it's the only way he can get to sleep. His accident has caused what sounded a lot like restless leg syndrome, as he described how when he lays down to sleep his legs just start "jumping around". Smoking cannabis through a water pipe allows his muscles and nerves to relax, and the water filtration makes it so the smoke doesn't hurt